About Bookshelves Revisited

A book lovers response to uncertain times

Finding that social media consumption and scrolling through the latest news around Covid-19 was becoming an unhealthy habit, I turned my attention to my bookshelf one evening, looking for a distraction that didn't need a screen. 

Over two hours later, after browsing through the books I already owned, I paused, realising that for a large chunk of time I hadn't felt as anxious or twitchy at the idea of self isolation or the changes happening at break-neck speed in the world around us. This got me thinking about the power of reading...

Now, I'm not going to suggest that reading is a solve-all and I understand that frontline workers and busy parents and carers will not have the luxury of 'free' time to sit down and read - for them any spare moment is spent getting much-needed rest and processing the current reality. I can't thank them enough for all they are doing.

The rest of us, however, can play a supportive role in limiting the time they have to deal with the current situation by staying in our homes. While we're taking measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus it strikes me that we can find pockets of peace, calm and escapism through revisiting the books we have, we love and the stories that have shaped our lives and understanding of our world, and that have led us to imagine other fictional universes. 

There's also a possibility that by sharing these books (safely) with our friends and neighbours, we can start new conversations and connections, without spending a penny or putting people's health at risk. 

Its early days for Bookshelves Revisited but I hope together we can start a humble movement around reading for our collective wellbeing in these strange times, by sharing our love of books - old, borrowed, battered, inherited, barely touched, dogeared, pristine or well-thumbed. 

Happy reading!

Lucy x